Thứ Năm, 25 tháng 3, 2010

Snow Day!!

Today the kids got a snow day. Brian also had to work from home. The roads were too dangerous. Thank goodness he didn't drive to work. There was a 27 car pile up on the highway that he drives on everyday. Plus our driveway and the road out of our neighborhood was too slippery to get out.
I know this does not look that bad. But under that snow is pure ice. (I know I know.....we still haven't had time to take down our Christmas decorations).
This is what the kids in the neighborhood did all day. That road and all the roads where a big sheet of ice.
This is Lindsey, she had a fun time. It was very cold. It felt like 6 degrees with the wind chill. They would come in every 20 minutes or so and thaw out in front of the fire. Then go back out for another round of fun.
This is the only time we ever let our kids play in the street. No vehicles could get up our hill, so it became our sledding hill.